Sad Narwhal Girl

My aunt was a narwhal
She liked eating seaweed
I put her in the closet once
And forgot about that occurrence
At school kids keep asking 
why I`m so different
But I would have eaten my seaweed
and I just didn`t care
Then, one day in the fifth grade
a blonde girl sat beside me
She was a little fish
I snacked on her like seaweed too
The police came
They didn`t believe I`m a narwhal
They took me to the police station
 I said to them 
Please, come to my home
I can explain to you
I can show you
Because I remembered my aunt is 
a narwhal also
But actually I didn`t say anything
About the contributor: Natasha Kafka is a poet, performer and video artist from natashakafkaphotoBalkans. She creates under the three heteronyms – artistic alter egos – Galadriel, Flora, and Charlie. (More about heteronyms> ) Before that, Natasha was awarded artist in her country which treats artists in a not so very good way, so this summer she decided to make a fresh start in English. Her works were published or are forthcoming in Event Horizon, Credo Espoir, Tree House, Omnistoria, Visual Verse, Academy of The Heart and Mind, and One Sentence Poems.

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