ın the night ı see poor homes, their lamps war-time darkened
their walls naked
their rooms crowded
poor homes, their window panes too windy

ı see lonely homes in the night
their cats in front of their windows
on their walls lost lives captured in picture frames
their books autumnal
lonely homes with small tables.

ı see happy homes at night
their lamps a veritable full-moon
laughing bibelots in front of their windows
wide tables big armchairs
happy homes their drapes wide open

ı see scary homes in the night
pitch dark, lonesome homes
who lives there, ı do nor know
which weird folk
their dark colored drapes closed tight
their interiors unrevealed
sometimes shadows glide across the drapes
ı am curious
yet ı know that if ı ring the bell
ıt will be peril opening the door

About the contributor: Yeşim Ağaoğlu born in Istanbul. Studied Istanbul University, Department of Archaeology and Art History. Master of arts degree at the same university, Faculty of Communications, Department of Radio-TV-Cinema. Poems have been published in literary journals since the age of 18. Has seven poetry books published in Turkey and also two poetry books published in Azerbaijan and in 2016 and 2017  two poetry books has published in New York,USA. Poems translated into many different languages such as English, German, Spanish, Russian, etc. Also, in 1998 she has been in Bangladesh Dakha, ‘‘Dar-ül İhsan English University 1st  World Poetry Celebration Day’’ as a honor guest of Bangladesh PEN. She has a short theater play named “forbidden chirpings” staged at Hazar University, Baku,Azerbaijan.

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