ISSUE 04 | The Conclusion Magazine

Editor’s Note: Dear readers & contributors, welcome to TCM Issue #04. In this February issue we bring you some excellent poetry, artwork, story, photographs from our creative contributors. Also, we think you people seen we have made a big change in our site as google+ is going to shutdown on April. So, blogger comment section will be open from now. We think new design will be looking damn beautiful. With this redesign we brought YouTube section and from this 21st February we will up work there too. We hope redesign will be beneficial for our readers & contributors.

Go ahead and read! Don’t forget to comment too! We love seeing what you thought of the latest pieces. As the new year approaches already, more change will be coming to site. — thanks for your continued support! ~ Shahadat Hossain (instagram,twitter, wordpress)

Cover by The Conclusion Magazine Team
(writers and artists maintain ownership/copyright of all work presented here in)


Elisabetta Bagli
Natasha Kafka
Dr. Amit Shankar Saha
Gerald Cedillo
Baktiar Alam Bulbul
Todd Mercer
Charles Joseph Albert
Melodie Corrigall
Lorraine Caputo
Sayan Aich Bhowmik 
Niles Reddick
Callum Beesley
Ben Nardolilli
Pratidhwani Biswal
Megha Sood
Stephen Venneman
Adithya Potu
L. Ward Abel
DS Maolalai 
Michael A. Griffith
Kara Goughnour
Ahmad Al-Khatat
Fotoula Reynolds
John Hicks
Linda Imbler 
Con Chapman
Joan McNerney
Aneek Chatterjee
Jeremy Nathan Marks
Shiv Sethi
John Grey
Robert Beveridge
Gerard Sarnat
Lynn Long 
Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois



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