I Know A Woman

I know a woman who is self reliant and always brilliant.
She is the one who shows for family affection and for society compassion
She is the one who sacrifices her career and expects future of children to be brighter .
She’s the leader who controls people with her eyes and changes the remaining with her speeches.
She’s an object which sustains her pain and maintains the gain.
She’s a subject that is interesting as well as boring.
She protects her family every time and updates herself time to time.
She’s the one who empowers others and makes them better.
She’s like a bright star who makes everyone stare but Her heart is deep and dare.
She is a Magnificent queen who gives sovereign rights and removes others fright.
She’s bad for evil and amazing for excellence.
She’s strong for headstrong and soft for pure heart.
She is a person who forgives nasty father , brutal husband and merciless siblings.
She is a person who reprieves  unforgivable people with kind heart.
She is an extraordinary human with morality and dignity .
She’s a divine Goddess with beauty, charm, immense talent & remarkable character.
I know her prominence and governance.
She’s the best.
I’m proud to say that She is my dazzling Mom.

(“I know a woman ” is about a woman and her abilities which describes her character .
The poem reflects the talent, endurance and affection of a woman at home and in society
And finally she is the poet’s mother.)

About the contributor: Adithya Potu is promising writer and a poet. He  holds a masters degree, (M Tech) in Electronics Design and Technology. Motivated by his mother who is a bilingual writer in English and Telugu, he took up writing. He reads and writes stories for children and young adults. He has a unique style of writing.

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